Fire Without Matches 
We all heard a fire can be made without matches, but who can really do it? 
Take a class with the instructors who made the most complete and accurate fire making videos on the market. - "Fire Volume #1" and "40+ Ways to Make Fire without Matches". 

Class Length: 1 or 2 days (may be taken separately)
Class Dates:   
July 10, 2012 - Day 1 (Tuesday)
                 July 11, 2012- Day 2 (Wednesday)     
$100.00 (either day separate)
$179.00 (Both Days)
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This 2 day class will provide you with individual instruction and attention to take you through a step by step process that will teach you how to make fire without matches in more ways than you though possible.  

On Day 1 we will cover Knife Sharpening, One Match Fires and the 3 most common fire making methods - Flint and Steel, the Bow Drill and the Hand Drill. If you ever wanted to impress your friends using any one of these on your next campout, this is one sure "fire" method to do so.

We will start the day with learning the One Match Fire the progress to Flint and Steel, where you will actually make the "char-cloth" that you will use to start the fire with flint found here in Ohio. 

Once you're successful with this method, we'll go on to the "rubbing two sticks together" method of the Bow Drill and take you step by step to through the procedure to get fire with this ancient technique. You will then have the opportunity to make all of the components that are needed, and then learn to use them yourself. Toward the end of the day, we will cover the techniques (and tricks) associated with the more difficult method of making fire called the Hand Drill.

On Day 2 we will begin with the more exotic primitive ways to make fire such as the pump drill, fire piston and the fire plow before going into modern ways such as using the desert Jello® or using antifreeze or brake fluid from your car.

The afternoon will be devoted to a workshop in which you will pick a project (or projects) to take home a Fire Piston, Kabuki Stick, Pump Drill or a Mini or Micro Bow Drill set.

Supply Fee:
A supply fee for the actual cost of materials will apply to the Fire Piston and the Pump Drill projects.  All other project materials are included in  the course fee.