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Homesteading Skills (7 classes in 1)

Class Length: 4 days  (Thursday Friday, Saturday & Sunday) take all or any part of the weekend
Class Dates:
March 20-23, 2014
                     Nov 13-16 2014           

Cost for entire weekend $350
(plus supply fees of $70) for a total of $420
      Take all the classes and save $60, or take only the ones that interest you...
      Daily Activities
      Thursday morning: $45 ($10 Supply fee) Pickles and Butter Making
Thursday 9-Noon
      Thursday afternoon: $50 ($10 Supply fee) Sausage Making
 1-5 PM

      Friday all day:   $95 Soap Making ($10 supply fee)
Friday 5PM
      Saturday morning: $50 Canning Food ($10 supply fee)
Saturday 9-Noon
      Saturday afternoon : $50 Candle Making ($10 supply fee)
Saturday 1-5 

      Sunday morning :  $50 Wine Making  ($10 supply fee)
Sunday 9-Noon
      Sunday afternoon:  $70 Cheese Making ($10 supply fee)
Sunday 1-

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This 3 day intensive will cover the essential things you need to know so you can do the essentials that were a part of the lives of the pioneers.

Overview of  Agenda:

Canning of Food
Canning food is an excellent way to preserve food stores without having to worry about freezer space or the possibility of "losing it" during a power outage.  During the class YOU will be going through the step by step process of canning meat, vegetables and fruit using both a pressure cooker and the "hot bath" method of canning.

Class fee: $50 with a $10 Supply Fee

Candle Making

You will be the specifics of wick sizing, wax mixtures and the correct process in using both metal and silicon molds and be participating in making both hand-dipped taper candles and molded candles.
Class fee: $50 with a $10 Supply Fee

Wine Making
You will learn how to make Home-Made Wine for those intimate dinners, cold winter nights or as a valuable trade/barter item..  We will begin by teaching the basics of how to start with inexpensive grocery store frozen grape juice and transform it into a table wine then progress to the techniques to make higher quality, competition grade wines with the optimum alcohol content, acidity and taste.  We will also be covering the process of making fresh fruit wines as well as the old favorite Dandelion Wine.
Class fee: $50 with a $10 Supply Fee

Cheese Making
Make Cheddar, Colby, Mozzarella and even Parmesan Cheese at home! 
(makes a GREAT gift for the holidays!)

Class Length: 1/2 Day
Cost: $70
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In this 1/2 day class you will begin with whole milk that you can buy at any grocery store and go through the 4 hour process to make Colby cheese in the morning, Mozzarella Cheese around noon and and Cheddar Cheese in the afternoon.   All of the equipment will be supplied to each pair of students so that each will have a through "hand-on" experience in the cheese making process.

Learn about the different cheese cultures, the adding of rennet, how to separate the "curds" from the "whey" and why "cheese cloth" originally got its name.

Cheese Making Kits will be available for purchase at the class for those who want to continue making cheese at home.

* A $10 supply fee will be required on the day of the class

Soap Making
"Soap you and your family will use" (also makes GREAT gifts for the holidays!)

Class Length: 1 Day
Cost: $95*
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Whether you were first introduced to soap making by watching your grandmother or from seeing "Granny" on The Beverly Hillbillies making it, making soap has been a tradition as well as a necessity for hundreds of years. Like most things, you can easily go buy soap at a store but, in doing so, you eliminate the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. On the practical side, learning how to make soap opens up a whole new aspect of cleaning and skin care since you control the ingredients that will become the soap you and your family use.

If you have dry skin, make a moisturizing soap by adding Glycerin and Coconut oil to the mix. If your kids are going camping, make them a "Bug Repellent" soap by adding Citronella and Tea Tree Oil to the soap. For the guest bath room, you may want to try the translucent "Glass Soap". And think about the great Christmas gifts your "homemade soap" makes. The possibilities are endless.

The class starts from the beginning, giving you all of the basics you need to understand how the soap making process works so that you can modify the recipes and even make up your own. You will learn the traditional "fat and lye" methods and discover why the lye does not burn the skin after it is made into soap. We'll then go into the vegetable oil based soaps that will give you the basics for the "specialty soaps" that you will be most likely to make.

During the class you will learn the process to make each item and how you can repeat the process at home.

* $10 supply fee due the day of the class

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