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  Private (One-on-One) Classes -

Topics: Survival / Homesteading / Edible & Medicinal Plants / Bee Keeping
Class Length: 1 to 7 days
Class Dates and Times: Arranged at your convenience
Agenda: Either our standard Class agenda or a set of custom topics that you specify
$200 per day 1st person / $175 per day 2nd person / all others $150 per day
Minimum/Maximum Class Size - One person minimum / your discretion as to the maximum
Location: Your location* / Our Location / Wilderness area**
Register: Call (888-886-5592)

Who Takes Private Classes?
Private classes are typically taken by individuals or groups of friends that:
  1. Are unable to attend a regularly scheduled class
  2. An individual that prefers "one-on-one" training
  3. Have particular skills or groups of skills that they want to learn or concentrate on.

The Private classes are personally taught by Tom Laskowski and set up for "1 person" at a rate of $200 per day.  If you choose to, you can have friends of your choosing attend the class at a rate of $175 per day for the 2nd person and $150 per day for a third to fifth persons.  Private Classes are typically limited to a total of 5 people so that each person will get the individual attention they are paying for unless otherwise arranged and agreed on by all attendees.  These classes are not open to the public and you will not be attending a class with someone you did not choose to attend the class with you.
Private Class Agenda
The agenda for the class can either be our complete Survival Curriculum, specific parts of our complete Survival Curriculum,  or it could be a custom program based on the needs and desires of those taking the class.  If a custom agenda is selected we will discuss your objectives before an agenda is created.

What past Students have said about their Private Class experience
Past Student Comments - Click here

To help you evaluate how much time is needed for your Private Class here is the timeline for the Private Class Fire Agenda:
 9 AM - 9:30 : Fire Theory
 9:30-10:30 : One Match Fires (Workshop)
 10:30 - 10:40 :Bathroom Break
 10:40 - 11:00 : Flint & Steel Overview
 11-12:00 : Flint $ Steel Workshop
 12 - 1 : LUNCH
 1 - 1:30: Bow Drill Theory
 1:30-2:30: Carving your Bow Drill set
 2:30 - 3:30: Making a fire with your Bow Drill Note: The Bow Drill is the traditional way fire was made
                        by rubbing 2 sticks together.
 3:30 - 4:30 : Other ways to make matchless fires (from soda cans, hand drills, ice, the desert jello, 
                        flashlights etc)
 4:30 - 5 : Practice any of the techniques covered that day
 5-6 : Dinner
Other Topics to be covered in your class:
Traps / Fish Filleting, Plants, Shelter, Water, Navigation, Awareness/Camouflage, Food Drying are typically a 1/2 day session each with Knife Selection and Sharpening , Knots and Survival Kits taking about a 1/4 Day each.
Many private groups also like to end the class with our "Simulated Survival Situation" that allows them to put to practice what they learned with the availability of an instructor close by. This takes approximately 1?2 day (6 hours)
The location of the class can either be at your location or our location in suburban Cleveland, Ohio or in a wilderness area in Southern Ohio. 

The only other expense you would incur for the class would be our travel expense in getting to the class if held at your location or in southern Ohio** at a rate of $10 per hour (driving time) and the actual round trip cost of fuel based on 11.8 mpg (our truck mpg pulling the classroom trailer) at the current gasoline rates at the time of the class.

The Private classes are scheduled at your convenience and at a time where I am not teaching or preparing for another class.

If you are interested in more information please call us at 888-886-5592

*Classes can also be taught in "non wilderness" area (such as your backyard)  Remember, you are learning the skills to survive and the location where you learn those skills is not critical.

Southern Ohio location is 3 hours and 180 miles south of Cleveland therefore the cost to get us there would be 6 hours driving time ($60) and mileage of 360 (30.5 gallons of gas at the current price of gasoline at the time of the class - at $2.50 per gallon the fuel cost would be $76.25)  Total transportation cost (time and fuel) for this example would then be $60 + $76.25 = $136.25

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