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Wild Edible/Medicinal Plants
"Feed your Friends and Heal your Family"... from your backyard! 

Class Dates:   Spring - May 17, 2014 (Saturday)
                    Summer - July 13, 2014
                    Fall - September 6, 2014

Class Length: 1 day (9AM to 4 PM)
Cost: $60 (2 for $100)

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There are hundreds of plants to eat in the woods and some (very few) that you shouldn't...
These classes will show you which are which and how to enjoy them!

This is one of the most comprehensive Edible/Medicinal Plant classes you can attend.  Each Class begins with a detailed slide show detailing the plants available in Northeast Ohio showing how the plants will look thought the different seasons.  

Next well go out in the field to several areas to show you what plants are out that month and what they look like.  Beginning in a suburban backyard you will learn to identify plants and weed that you have been stepping over for years that you could of been putting on the dinner table.  Then we'll go to an urban setting followed by a more wooded area designed to get you comfortable with identifying the plants you saw in the slide show out in the fields.

Then we'll focus on the "hand-on" part of the class where each person will help prepare the topic of the month such as making a jam or jelly, brewing up Dandelion Wine, or the steps necessary to make acorn flour.

Then for those that want another look at the plants we will reshow the slide show to reinforce the days plants.

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