Survival Courses
Survival 1 - Primitive Survival and Self Reliance (6 days)
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Survival 2 - Survival Applications and Techniques (6 days)

Survival 3 - Advanced Survival Skills -coming in 2007

Survival 4 - Expert Survival Applications - coming in 2007

Survival Weekend Short Course

Class Dates:   June 11- June 1, 2006
- Survival 1 - Primitive ( 6 Days)
                      June 23
(evening), 24, 25 (Weekend)
                      Aug 20-26
- Survival 2  Adv. Survival & Homesteading Skills ( 6 Days)

Survival Class Weekend - $195
Survival 1 Week  - $595
Survival 2 Week  - $595

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These classes are for the person who wants to:
            - be prepared if they are ever lost / stranded       
            - the person who wants to be more self- sustaining / self-reliance 
simply want to take less equipment on hikes and camping trips.  

   No previous experience is necessary, just willingness to learn new things and a desire to have fun doing it.  Survival in the wilderness is not difficult or uncomfortable …


Our ancestors, from cavemen through the Native Americans, knew how to thrive using only what Nature provided.  Now you can learn what they knew and master these outdoor skills in a few short days.   

Our philosophy during the class is that a person must be well rested, well fed, and having fun, to learn.  So regardless of which class you choose you will learn new things, eat very good meals, and have fun the entire time. 
Guaranteed or your money back!

What you will Learn will depend on the length of the class you decide to take, but here are the range of skills you CAN learn

Ø       The class will begin with learning the “One Match Fire”, a technique invaluable for both survival situations and your next outdoor barbeque.  You will b e taught various Fire Lays how to make a fire without matches next using the traditional Flint and Steel Method. 

Ø       You will be shown the most effective Outdoor Shelter available – the “Debris Hut” – a shelter with a temperature range of –10oF to +90oF.   The class will build one from start to finish. 

Ø       Water Purification techniques with both natural and man-made will be covered in detail.  Differences between Water filters and water purifiers will be discussed.  

Ø       Other topics such as Knife Sharpening (for both hunting and kitchen knives), Food Procurement and Cooking Techniques will be covered.

      Ø       Learning to make and use both a Bow Drill and Hand Drill to start a 
             fire (the” rubbing 2 sticks together” technique)

Ø       Various shelter types for different conditions including lean-tos, poncho shelters,  “tube tents” and the “Shirt Pocket” shelter.

Ø       Constructing a number of water filter and water collection devices.

Ø       Identifying and preparing wild edible Survival Foods so that you will always have multiple food sources available in the woods.

Ø    Construct your own shelter (you can sleep in this shelter during the week if you wish)

Ø    Learn Lashing and Cordage to put together “base camps” items like tables, chairs and latrine seats

Ø    Become proficient at tying over15 Knots and knowing and using them in various applications

Ø    Identify and prepare more Edible and Medicinal Plants (including how to prepare the tinctures, ointments and salves).  Work with Primitive Traps including building dead falls and snares.   We’ll do some primitive fishing (no license needed) with line that you make well as with “fish traps”.  You’ll also learn two unique ways to make gill nets. 

Ø    We’ll teach you “Game Preparation” using a step-by-step no fail way to filet fish, field dress wild game and get it ready to cook

Ø    Navigate (stars/ sun /“natural features).  ID over 20 constellations that will make the night skies a “familiar friend”.  You’ll even know how to tell time by the moon and stars.

Ø    Sharpening a Knife to a razor edge will be easy for you.  There will also be nearly every style of knife sharpener for you to try and see which one you like best BEFORE you buy.

Ø    Learn increased Awareness and Camouflage

Ø    Survival Kits Designs including Survival Weapons like the AR-7, Marlin Papoose and the Scout

Ø    “SSS” Training: Our school is one of the few that you will be able to actually practice what you learned in a Safe Simulated Survival with instructors to tutor you in areas you would like additional guidance in.