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Fire Starting

Bow Drill Kit

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Bow Drill
Pre-made Set

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Bow Drill Fire Making Sets and Kits 
$21.95 Bow Drill Kit  Add to cart
$29.95 Deluxe Bow Drill Set (Hand-made and pre-tested)   Add to cart

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Bow Drill Kit

We kept the price of this Bow Drill Kit low since it is primarily intended to be used for group purchase projects (such as each Scout in a Boy Scout Troops or for School Projects) where ever person will be making a Bow Drill.  This kit provides you with all of the basics to practice making fire with the Bow Drill.  The complete instructions will guide you step by step on how to string the bow, correct cord placement, and fire making procedures to guide you to success in "rubbing two pieces of wood together" to make a fire.  

These kits make excellent projects for your next Boy Scout Troop meeting

Kit includes:
  • 16" Flat Bow 
  • Hand hold
  • 1 Rough carved spindle
  • Leather cord
  • Jute Tinder
  • Fireboard (carved & notched)
  • Beeswax lubricant
  • Instructions

 $21.95 Kit     Add to cart
$19.75 per Kit (5 or more) Add to cart


Deluxe "Hand Carved" Bow Drill Set
For demonstrations on fire making or your own personal unit, our Bow Drill Set is a complete, hand-made "Ready-to-Go" Bow Drill Set guaranteed to make fire because its "pre-tested".  These high quality, durable sets are most popular with individuals purchasing a set for themselves or for presenters who plan to give demonstrations

The fastest way for you to learn this ancient Fire Making technique- NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

Deluxe Set is complete, pre-tested and includes:

  • 23" Oak Bow (Hand Carved and Hand Rubbed finish )
  • 6 ft genuine "7 strand" 550 Parachute Cord  (for Bow string)
  • Oak hand-hold
  • 2 spindles (1 pre-carved and burned in, plus an extra one for you to carve)
  • Fireboard (carved & first hole already burned in, notched, and tested to make a coal
  • Tinder (pre-shredded
  • Jute cord (to make more tinder
  • Bees wax lubricant
  • Sample of "correct color" of the wood dust you want to have
  • Full Instructions
  • "Fire Ready" right out of the box

 $29.95 Deluxe Set    Add to cart



" Fire Sale" Combination Package Specials

  $55.95 - Deluxe Bow Drill Set, Fire Vol. #1 (Primitive Fire)  Add to cart

   $79.95 - Deluxe Bow Drill Set, Fire Vol. #1 (Primitive Fire) & Fire Vol #2 (40 + Ways)   Add to cart



Bow Drill Tip
Zero Friction Hand-holds making learning the Bow Drill technique drastically easier since all of your efforts go into the fireboard and not divided between the handhold and the fireboard.

Customers who bought these items also bought:

Zero Friction Hand-hold
A great item to help you get your first coal and gain confidence and experience
Jute Tinder
An easily combustible natural tinder to "blow your coal into flame"
Primitive Fire Making Video
Step by Step instruction to guide you to your first Bow Drill Fire


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"Zero Friction" Hand-hold
These "thick-bottomed" shot glasses offer "no" friction and provide an excellent handhold for beginners to assure all of your effort goes into the fire board and not into "smoking the handhold"

Regular (2" tall)  $3.95  Add to cart
Large (3" tall)  $5.95    Add to cart


PURE Bees Wax (for reducing friction in the Hand Hold) 
A natural way to provide lubrication for the Bow Drill "Hand-hold"  The 100% pure, all natural Bee's Wax can also be used for 1000's of applications from lubricating sticky wooden drawers to making salves and ointment with natural plants.
1 oz bars     
White - $2.00  Add to cart
Light Yellow - $1.50 Add to cart
Dark Yellow - $0.95 Add to cart
1 pound Blocks   
White - $24.95  Add to cart
Light Yellow - $19.95 Add to cart
Dark Yellow - $12.95 Add to cart



Bow Drill Spindles 
$1.95   Cedar Spindle blanks     Add to cart
$5.00  3 Cedar Spindle blanks   Add to cart

$15.00  10 Cedar Spindle blanks   Add to cart
$30.00  21 Cedar Spindle blanks   Add to cart

Bow Drill Fireboard
$5.00   Cedar Fireboard     Add to cart

Oak Handhold 
$5.00   Oak Handhold     Add to cart

Bow Drill Oak Bow 
$12.00   Poplar Bow     Add to cart

Bow Drill Fireboard with Matched Spindle
$10.95   (notched and burned in)     Add to cart


Jute Tinder 

$2.00   Jute Twine 50'        Add to cart
$3.95   Jute Twine  200'        Add to cart
$7.95   Pre Shredded (1 gallon bag approx 1/2 lb. Add to cart 
$39.95 Pre Shredded Box (approx 5 lb.)  Add to cart   Best Value

Note: 5 lb Box is ideal for Boy Scout Troops or School Applications to practicing Fire Making

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