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Fire Starting Tinders  

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"Raw" Char Cloth Cotton
This bag contains 100% all-natural shredded cotton that will make the finest char cloth available.  We have found that it will catch a spark from a flint and steel set 3 times faster than Char Cloth made from gun patches, tee shirts or sweatshirt cotton. Char Cloth made from this shredded material is a MUST for your emergency survival kit and is an excellent char cloth for demonstrations.
Char Cloth Cotton Price-
$5.95...Add to cart

Pre-Made Char Cloth The "pre-made" Char Cloth is the same type and quantity of material as above only made into "ready to use" Chart Cloth
Pre-Made Char Cloth Price-
$9.95...Add to cart

Tinder Fungus aka Chaga (as seem in Fire Vol. 1 video)

Chaga Tinder Fungus is one of the best natural tinders available and one of the few that can be used without charring.  It is the preferred tinder used with the Fire Piston and Pyrites.

$7.50 (small bag).....Add to cart
$20.00 (Bulk "by the ounce")...  Add to cart  (specify # of Ounces when ordering)




Jute Tinder (as seem in Fire Vol. 1 video)
$2.00   Jute Twine 50'...............Add to cart
$3.95   Jute Twine  200' ...........Add to cart
$7.95   Bag (Pre-Shredded)........Add to cart

Bulk Jute Tinder*
$49.95  5 lb. Box (Pre-Shredded)...Add to cart
$39.95  5 lb. Box (Pre-Shredded)...Add to cart   -  Discounted for Boy Scouts or teaching purposes

Jute twine is a natural plant material which makes an excellent tinder material for learning to blow char cloth or wood dust coals into flames.. It is my preferred tinder used with the Flint & Steel, Bow Drills and Hand Drills

*Ideal quantity for Scout Troops, Classroom use or demonstrations

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