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 Flint and Steel Kits


High Intensity Flint and Steel Set
Price- $16.95   Add to cart

A premium kit with everything you need to begin making fires the way the "mountain men" did in the 1800's  This "High Intensity" Set includes a high carbon steel striker formed in the traditional "C" shape. The "high carbon" refers to the hotter temperature and large quantity of sparks the steel will produce.  More and hotter sparks will make it easier to catch a spark on the char cloth.  You also get a metal char cloth container and a larger quantity of jute tinder and raw cotton (which you use to make more char cloth.

A 14 page instruction booklet is included with each set.

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Do you want to carry the easiest "old-time" way to start a fire without matches or lighters?  There is little question that flint and steel is the way to do that.

Included in the set is a high carbon steel striker shaped to fit comfortably in your hand, 1 traditional piece of flint, char cloth (to catch the sparks), tinder, instructions, and a tin to carry it all in.  The tin also doubles as a container for making char cloth.

High Intensity
Flint and Steel Set.................$16.95   Add to cart
Flint and Steel Set.............
$13.95   Add to cart 

Photo Comparison High Intensity (above) and Standard Kits (below)   

Standard Flint and Steel Set
Price- $13.95   Add to cart 

A complete kit with everything you need to begin to make fires the way people did from the Roman times to the "mountain men" of the 1800's.  This kit contains flint, steel, char cloth, tinder, shredded cotton, tin and a 14 page instruction booklet.

This "Standard" size kit comes in a shorter tin container than the "High Intensity" Kit and therefore contains less jute tinder and shredded cotton.  It also has the "U" shape striker.  The tin also doubles as a container for making additional char cloth.  


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"Mini" Flint and Steel Set
Price- $13.95   Add to cart

A miniature version of our Flint & Steel Kits that will fit into a shirt pocket.  Comes complete with a metal tin suitable to make char cloth in, our specially forged "mini" striker, jute tinder, char cloth and flint.

A great way to reduce weight of your fire making kit in your pack or as a reliable "back-up" fire starting method.

Size of tin: 1 3/4" long x 2 1/4" wide

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"Tobacco Tin" Fire Making Set (circa 1740's)
Period accurate reproduction of the Flint and Steel sets carried by the "gentlemen" and "upper class" fire makers of the late 17 and early 18th century|

The set comes complete with everything you need to make a fire using flint and steel (included) as well as a high powered magnifying lens for those sunny days   Carrying cases come in either brass or German Silver plate.

 Brass Fire Making Flint & Steel Set  $44.95  Add to cart 
 Brass Carrying Case only   $34.95  Add to cart                   
Brass Set shown above

German Silver Fire Making Flint and Steel Set  $52.95 Add to cart 
German Silver Carrying Case only   $39.95  Add to cart

SPECIAL PRICE with any $50 (or greater) order
 Brass Fire Making Set 10% off
 Brass Fire Making Set (
$49.95) 10% off $40.45 -  Add to cart 



Pyrite "Fire Making" Kit
As was demonstrated in our Fire Volume #! making fire by hitting 2 rocks together is possible  (although very difficult). 

This kit includes:
  - 2 "fine grained" grained Pyrite rocks (or 1 piece of Brandon Flint and 1 Pyrite rock)
  - Tinder Fungus
  - A piece of piece of birch bark as a coal catcher

BE AWARE - The sparks are inconsistent.  In the Fire Volume #1 where we demonstrate making a fire with pyrite rocks, that segment took us 45 minutes of playing with the rocks to get a small groove in the rocks before they would produce sparks any sparks, and those were barely hot enough to see. We had to go into the dark to make them visible enough to work with. even in the dark.  In the video we used the IR feature on the camera to film that section which makes the embers look very bright  we say so in the video).  What I saw with my eyes (under normal light) was a tiny barely glowing red (cool) spark.   We used no camera tricks to make this method create a fire but Glen and I were very pleased (and a bit surprised) when I got that coal!

1 Flint and 1 Pyrite Rock Kit $19.95 Add to cart 
   2 Pyrite Rock Kit  $29.95  Add to cart  

Add our Fire Volume #1 Video to your order for only $25.00    Add to cart          





Ohio Flint

1 piece...$1.95   Add to cart 
2 pieces...$ 3.75
 Add to cart
3 pieces...$4.95  Add to cart

       Western Flint  

1 piece...$2.25 Add to cart 
2 pieces...$4.25
 Add to cart
3 pieces...$5.95 Add to cart

  Imported English "Brandon Flint"

1 piece... $2.95 Add to cart
2 pieces..$5.75
 Add to cart 
3 pieces...$6.95 Add to cart


Combination Package
One of each of the Flint we offer: Ohio / Western / English Brandon
... Add to cart


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Shredded Cotton or
Pre-made Char Cloth 

Shredded Cotton makes a great "char cloth" for flint & Steel fires.  Get the raw cotton (to make it yourself) or buy it "pre-made"
Shredded Cotton ...$5.95...Add to cart
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$9.95 Add to cart




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