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Fire Starting Strikers - ALL Made of HIGH CARBON STEEL 


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Economy Striker
Price- $8.00  Add to cart

An inexpensive replacement striker for your Flint and Steel Kit.
This striker is
ideal if you need a quantity of strikers for your
troop or class


Hand Forged "Replacement" Striker
Price- $9.50  Add to cart

This traditional "C" Shaped striker is made the way it was 300
years ago by the blacksmiths of New England and the old west. 
This is the striker that can be found in out "High Intensity"
Flint & Steel Kits.



High Output Striker

Price- $9.95  Add to cart
An ideal striker for for learning or teaching the Flint and Steel
fire making method. The unique "U" shape keeps the sharp flint
edge away from your knuckles while the unique blend of material
in the striker produces a huge shower of sparks making it easy
to learn the technique.



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"Mini" Striker
Price- $8.50  Add to cart

The perfect striker for a "mini" Flint and Steel Kit.  This hand forged striker is made to fit over two fingers yet provides a shower of sparks for consistent fires. This is the exact same striker we put in our "Mini" Flint & Steel Kits (upper right).

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Petite Striker
Price- $12.50  Add to cart

A good high quality striker custom made for the "smaller" hand. 
Typically this sized striker is ideally for those with a petite build
or who are younger fire makers.


  1750's Reproduction Striker Striker
Price- $16.00  Add to cart

As the name implies, this hefty traditional "C" shaped striker is hand
forged and fashioned after a 1750's design with an flat, thick
face for full contact with the striking flint.

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