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 21" folding Camp Buck Saw (1870's)
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A hand-made reproduction of the classic Woodsman's Buck Saw. It has been out of production for years so we decided to resurrect it and hand make them so they're available once again. A true FULL SIZE saw that folds in on itself for easy transport. Made of oak but only weights 15 oz. Uses standard 21" Bow Saw replacement blades

Buy it for nostalgic reasons - or - buy it because it beats the other "pack saws" for its cutting ability - hands down.

Weight:13.4 oz

Most of the new "camp saws" and "back packer saws" simply have too short of a blade to be able to cut wood efficiently and easily. That's not the issue with our Buck Saw.  Made of oak for durability but only weights 15 oz. the saw come with a a racked tooth hard point design to prevent binding when sawing wood. Uses standard 21" Bow Saw replacement blades.  Each saw is hand-made so please allow 4-6 weeks delivery time.

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Turnbuckle Tightner -
To replace the traditional "cord tightening" method a metal (4.5 oz) turnbuckle is available.
Price- $12.95      Add to cart 

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