"Heat to Electricity" Generator
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New solid -state generator turns heat into electricity.  Run a radio, recharge batteries or even your cell phone! This unit mounts on top of your Coleman or Dietz lantern and actually converts WASTE heat to 4.5 volts @ 1/2 Amp of electricity - FREE!
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The Liberty Power Generator has no moving parts to wear out, uses no batteries, needs no external power source, uses no crank, and will work night or day, rain or shine!! Simply plug in your existing 3 to 6 volt dc AM/FM radio to the Liberty power jack, light the wick, and sit back and enjoy! The cost of operation is less than 1 cent* per hour; compare to a traditional radio which can cost between 10 to 20 cents or more per hour to operate. 

No longer is it necessary to be dependant on costly traditional batteries that have a limited life and a negative environmental effect.

  • Be prepared for all emergencies!
  • Camping: No need to worry about batteries anymore!
  • Earth Friendly: No batteries to dispose of!
  • Economical: It's cheaper to listen to the radio with the Radio Lantern than to operate with batteries!
How it works...

The generator uses the Peltier effect (used on modern submarines) to generate its electricity. This effect is based on the difference in temperature between the top and bottom surfaces of the generator unit. The bigger this difference, the larger the electric charge produced.

The electrical output of the generator is highly dependent upon the conditions in which your lantern is used, including the ambient air temperature, wind, fuel, and size of the wick.

Our tests have show the generator can produce a maximum of 4.5 volts DC and a maximum current of .55 amps 

Because the Liberty Power Generator Lantern is so economical to use, it will quickly pay for itself after using only 10 gallons of kerosene. Other fuels that may be used include Standard Lamp Oil, Citronella Oil, and Paraffin Oil (Mixed with one of the other oils.) It should be stressed that no other single product on the market today can compare to the Liberty Power Generator.

Something else that should be added here: The Liberty Power Generator is perfect for those that already own a crank-up radio, as it will power it with ease while providing heat and light in the process. Nothing else can compare!!

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