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Handwarmers - Re-chargeable AND Re-usable 
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Recharge this Hand warmer hundreds of times by simply placing in boiling water for 6 minute.  Great gift for the pockets of any hunter, skier or anyone who is just plain "cold" on the winter.

- Do you have cold hands in the winter?
- Tired of the single use Hand warmers
- Need an "on demand" heating pad for sore muscles?

This is a great item to carry in cold weather  Simply slide it into your glove or pocket and activate it when your hands are cold.  Within 15 seconds you'll have a 100+ degree heat source.  It is completely safe since the liquid inside the Hand warmer is a non-toxic food grade sodium acetate solution.  
Recharge it hundreds of times!

To Activate:
- Firmly press and release the "activator button" inside the heat pack.
   The liquid inside the heat pack will begin to turn into a pliable solid crystalline  
   form releasing heat as it does it.
-  Squeeze the pack firmly to get even more heat from the pack

To Re-Activate:
- Put the Hand warmer in boiling water and simmer for 6 minutes
- Remove from the water and allow to cool before reusing.

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Price $ 9.95 ea.  Add to cart   
         $18.95 / pair  Add to cart   

SPECIAL $12.95 / pair  Add to cart

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