Note: All items that we carry in the school store work as well, or better than advertised.  We personally use this gear so you can be assured that it is the high quality you, and we, demand out of our "survival gear.

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  • Ax (Hand forge, Swedish made Gransfor Bruks can bet your life on this tool!)   Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants   -     
        Edited By: Roger Tory Peterson
        By: Lee Allen Peterson
        Illustrated By: Lee Allen Peterson

  • Books (Plant, Tree, Spiritual/Personal Development)  

  • Cheese Making Kits (Mozzarella and Hard Cheese)

  • Fire Making (Bow Drills, Hand Drills, Flint & Steel, Blast Match, Tinder Etc)  

  • Flashlights

  • Kelly Kettle (A no batttery, "free fuel" water boiling system)

  • Knives (Aniolek, Leatherman, Frost and Opinel) 

  • Knife Sharpeners (Right Angle, Spyderco, DMT, Edge Pro, Warthog)

  • MNSI T-shirts, Sweatshirts  

  • Nature Drawings by R.A. Tubbesing

  • Poncho - Shelter (a 7.0 ounce Poncho that converts into a lean-to shelter) 

  • Primitive Weapons (Slingshots, Atlatls, Blow Guns)

  • Emergency / Survival Radio (7 Band Radio with 6 Ways to power it and crank-recharge  your cell phone or IPod - the best survival/emergency radio available) 

  • Right Angle Survival Tool (An all inclusive "belt carried" Survival Kit to meet most any situation)
    Trail Blazer Sawvivor Saw -

  • Saws (Saw-vivor Saws, Reproductions of 1800's Buck and Homestead Saws) 

  • Stoves (Ultra-light and Backpacking Stoves) 

  • Survival Gear & Equipment (Survival Tool, Canteen Cup Covers,  Survival Kit Vials, Plastic Reclosable bags) 

  • Tarps (Silicon Nylon Tarps, Titanium Tent Stakes)Vargo Titanium Ti-Boiler

  • Titanium Equipment (Tent Stakes, Spork, Cook Kits, Cups) 
    SteriPEN Journey in a glass

  • Videos (Fire Making, Survival, Tanning, Weapons Etc)

  • Water Purification (Steri-Pen, MIOX and Pump Purifiers) 

  • Whistles (including Web Buckles Whistles)  

  • Gift Certificates to MNSI School Store (Great Birthday of Holiday Gift)