Desert Survival - Tips, Tricks, & Skills
Price (DVD) - $24.95    Add to cartDesert Survival Tips, Tricks & Skills - Survival DVD

Based on Tony Nesters's popular book by the same name, this 2-hour DVD covers a wealth of practical survival skills and strategies for coping with the heat of the desert. Learn the lifesaving skills that can be applied on your next desert outing, hike in the Grand  Canyon, or slick-rock adventure.
Materials covered:

~ Clothing and essential gear for desert and canyon exploration

~ Tips for pre-hydrating and acclimating to the intense heat

~ Water requirements, physiology of humans in the desert, & little known tips for preventing heat-related injuries

~ An in-depth look at how to locate water in the desert using natural indicators, insects, and geologic formations

~ Debunking common misconceptions about the solar still, tree still, and the myth 
about obtaining "water" from cactus

~ How to put together a quality, survival kit tailored to fit your specific needs

~ The latest research on flash floods and venomous creatures 

~ Equipping your vehicle for backcountry travel in arid region

Price (DVD) - $24.95    Add to cart

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